In today’s article, we introduce several examples betting systems. Punters is practiced with greater or lesser success, we will evaluate their quality systems, however, is definitely worth viewing.

Beware of different sites that are trying to sell betting systems – they often claim that their system is just miraculous. But this is nonsense. There is no betting system that may be able to guarantee 100% success, however, some systems may increase your overall success. In the coming weeks you will periodically prepare various types of betting systems. If you choose one of these systems try, definitely let us know how your experiment turned out:-)

1) The pyramid

It is a system where your goal is to have success in 3 of 4 (bet single bet)
Kurz each betting opportunity must be greater than 1.55
You start at the starting level, starting bet of 10 monetary units.

In case you have correctly all four tips:

Move to the next level
You bet again with the same system, but the bet is now 2x more than in the previous level, so 20 monetary units
In case you have correctly three out of four tips:

Remain on the (same) basic level
Again, you bet the same system and the same is also bet (10 monetary units)
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In case the system has failed (have two or more bad tips)

You move in a pyramid on the level below (if you are on the starting level, remain on it)
Again, you bet the same system, but the bet is half the previous (due to the fact that we have to start the level again, but the bet is 10 monetary units)
Punter has absolute discretion as to the starting size of bets and the number of levels of the pyramid.

Conclusion: The advantage of this system is that it avoids the large and surprising losses. The system is very interesting and not at all bets will be high. Everything is based on a mathematical principle that says that is one bad tip, we achieved an interesting profit (win Additionally + – equal to the size of the bet to the next level). When using this system is the most important discipline and thorough compliance.

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